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The beginnings

Everything started 11 years ago in China. That is the moment when I got the first thought to have some conection with a phone when I was in my sophomore year at university. A Nokia 5200 was broke into my sight. My classmate watched TV show by his red Nokia 5200. I were very surprising and unbelievable that the application of high-tech development on mobile phone. But high price stoped my idea to have it. It was the first passion to lead me to take part in 'BIRD" which is the mobile phone manufacturing company for three years since graduated university in 2011.
Unfortunately, Fierce price war lead the big boss of BIRD to cut down the Low-margin project. So the fate of me and Touch Times started in 2013. My original intention is the thought of providing upscale and high quality services and not transform it in another "i" place with cheap and low services. 6 years later my Touch Times team is on the right path and keep growing everyday. I invested and keep investing all my passion and experience in making customers happy and I hope this dream will continue and become bigger.

Jan. 2019




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